Coming up with a generic kernel config

Ludovic Courtès ludo at
Wed Jun 25 19:26:22 UTC 2014


(Resent to linux-libre at .)

In trying to get a generalist kernel config with Linux-Libre 3.15 for
the GNU system (via GNU Guix), I thought I’d start from ‘allmodconfig’.
Then I figured there are several issues:

  1. Serial console is unavailable when booting.  I thought that’d be
     addressed by explicitly setting CONFIG_SERIAL_8250=y etc. (see
     below for the list), but that’s not enough.  What am I missing?

  2. A whole bunch of test suites that run at startup are enabled by
     ‘allmodconfig’ (and not ‘defconfig’.)  I’ve explicitly added =n
     options to disable some of them, but it seems there are still some
     lying around.  Any idea whether/how these could be systematically
     turned off?

For reference, below is my current patch.

Please let me know if this is off-topic.
(And apologies for being such a noob.)


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