Kernel Panic after introducing irda device

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Sun Dec 7 23:17:13 UTC 2014

On Jan  7, 2013, lluvia_lists at wrote:

> I tested the device on two computers running Trisquel 5.0 and Trisquel 5.5
> respectively, and it was replicated at both cases. I inserted it on last
> Ubuntu's LTS and there was no kernel panic.

> 2-1:Missing Freefirmware
> STIR421X:Couldn't upload patch
> Kernel panic-not syncing:stack protector: kernel stack is corrupted
> in:fa56c19e

I've finally been able to track this down.  This is from the irda-usb
module, and deblobbing causes a buffer overflow as the blob name
sprintf-ed to a 12-byte buffer is replaced with "/*(DEBLOBBED)*/", which
doesn't fit.

Here's the fix I've implemented for 3.18, though I'm pretty sure it
won't make it back to you through the address you used to report the bug

Index: deblob-3.18
--- deblob-3.18	(revision 11729)
+++ deblob-3.18	(working copy)
@@ -1514,6 +1525,9 @@
 announce USB_IRDA - "IrDA USB dongles"
 reject_firmware drivers/net/irda/irda-usb.c
 clean_blob drivers/net/irda/irda-usb.c
+clean_sed '
+s,\(char stir421x_fw_name\)\[12\];,\1[16];,
+' drivers/net/irda/irda-usb.c "avoid buffer overflow with deblobbed filename"
 clean_kconfig drivers/net/irda/Kconfig 'USB_IRDA'
 clean_mk CONFIG_USB_IRDA drivers/net/irda/Makefile

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