A Fedora Copr reposiroty for kernel-libre ?

Alexandre Moine nobrakal at gmail.com
Wed Apr 9 16:27:10 UTC 2014

Hi Sergio,

Le 8 avr. 2014 05:52, Sergio Durigan Junior <sergiodj at sergiodj.net> a écrit :
> On Sunday, April 06 2014, Alexandre Moine wrote: 
> > Hi all, 
> Hi Alexandre, 
> I am not involved in the maintenance of the Linux-libre project, but I 
> would like to tell my opinion about this topic nevertheless. 
> > Fedora have now a place to build third party yum repositories. It's 
> > named Copr (it means "Cool Other Package Repositories"), and you can 
> > find it here: http://copr.fedoraproject.org . I don't know all the 
> > story, but, in my opinion, it's the right place to the kernel-libre 
> > package. Copr can make kernel-libre more "official", and more visible 
> > for the lambda fedora user. 
> > 
> > What do you think about that? I think kernel-libre, and other packages, 
> > meet the fedora packaging and licensing rules, so they meet also the 
> > Copr rules (here: 
> > https://fedorahosted.org/copr/wiki/UserDocs#WhatIcanbuildinCopr ). 
> Thanks for pointing that out.  I confess I didn't know about Copr, but 
> as far as I could see, it is kind of messy.  There are lots of 
> repositories there, and they get listed in a way that doesn't seem very 
> "organized", so to speak.  If Linux-libre/freed-ora had a repository 
> there, I bet I would find it much more difficult to see it in that list!

Yes, you're totally right. In my memory, Copr still under developement, and the web interface need to be ameliorated.

> Anyway, what I would probably do in your case is to create a mirror 
> repository there, and see how things go.  If it proves to be much more 
> used than freed-ora itself, then it might be worth considering the 
> change.  But of course, this is Oliva's call :-).

Yes, it's just a suggestion :) I think a script can update the copr repo compared the base freedora repo.

Thank you for your response,


> Thanks, 
> -- 
> Sergio 

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