lemote/gnewsense 3.14.0-gnu is slow (fix)

Alexandre Oliva lxoliva at fsfla.org
Thu Apr 3 15:02:59 UTC 2014

I haven't updated the apt metadata in the gnewsense/lemote repo yet, but
it already contains a build of 3.14.0-gnu.  Alas, the cpufreq module is
broken upstream, so a machine running this build will be slow and will
freeze upon running cpufreq-info or unloading the module.

If you don't care about cpufreq, you may fix the system by removing

If you do care about saving power by slowing down the CPU when it's not
in use, you may want to download
and follow the instructions in the README.cpufreq-loongson2 in it.

I don't think I'm going to roll out another 3.14.0-gnu build before this
problem is sorted out upstream.  If it is fixed shortly, with plenty of
time before 3.14.1-gnu is scheduled upstream, I might roll out a
1loongsonlibre build with the fix.  If so, I might even pull the patch
into the loongson-community release of 3.14 for Loongson.

Unfortunately, the unusually large number of releases this week, plus
the amount of work it took to locate this problem (*) means the fix for
GNU Linux-libre bug #1 didn't get much attention.  I hope to fix that

(*) bisecting that was manually intensive because many patches merged
into 3.14 were originally based on pre-3.13 trees that didn't have the
two patches that fixed an icache issue that made the kernel unbootable
on Loongson2.  I had to do a lot of “git bisect skip” before I realized
that this, rather than newer temporary breakage in the tree, was what
caused so many kernels I built to fail to boot.

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