Announcement: slack-n-free repo

Henry Jensen hjensen at
Fri Sep 6 23:23:27 UTC 2013

Many GNU/Linux enthusiasts had contact with with the Slackware
GNU/Linux distro and appreciate it's clear structure. Slackware
follows the Unix and KISS principles very strictly.

Slackware is the oldest surviving and still maintained GNU/Linux distro
out there. For experienced GNU/Linux users Slackware is very simple to
administrate. That's why many GNU/Linux users prefer the simplicity of
Slackware over GUI driven configuration wizards

Unfortunately Slackware does not have a clear policy about what
software can be included, and nonfree blobs are included in Linux, the

There are sevceral fully free distros which are based on popular
GNU/Linux Distros, for example Trisquel, which is based on Ubuntu, BLAG
is based on RedHat/Fedora and Parabola GNU/Linux is based on Arch. But
there curiously there is no fully free Slackware equivalent.

For this reason I've created the "slack-n-free" repo. It is not a
complete distro. As for now there are builds of the Linux-Libre kernel
available, tracking Slackware kernel builds with version numbers
corresponding to Slackwares.

You can find the repo at

The usual "generic" and "huge" kernel builds are available vor i686 (32
bit) and amd64 (x86_64, 64) bit. 

Depending on future interest there may be additionally and liberated
packages available for Slackware later.

The binary packages are signed with my GPG key. You can download my
public key at

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