JScreenRecorder v0.3 - a pure java screen recorder (100% free?)

deepak pk deepakpk009 at yahoo.in
Sat Oct 26 17:13:03 UTC 2013

Hello guys,

i am deepak. i have developed a pure java based screen recorder named JScreenRecorder.
you can download it from http://sourceforge.net/projects/jscreenrecorder/ 

now the thing is that i had a message from sourceforge user G4JC that if i removed JMF
from my project and replace it with FMJ my app will be 100% pure opensource; then it will
be available/can be used  for GNU-Libre installations. i tried to use FMJ but it had dependency 
on FFMPEG. so i went with jcodec (http://jcodec.org/). its FreeBSD licensed. and so i released 
my apps version v0.3. 

then i wanted to improve my apps performance and went to search for better ways to capture the 
screen and found out a code by user Killer 99 (http://www.rune-server.org/programming/application-development/387765-directrobot-fast-java-robot-allows-screen-recording.html)
he developed a class named DirectRobot which has lower memory requirement than Robot class, which 
improves performance. this class however uses java.awt.peer.RobotPeer and
sun.awt.ComponentFactory classes. will these classes be a problem? my IDE (netbeans 7.4) is showing warning that its "internal proprietary API and may be removed in a future release". will this be a problem for being 100% free and opensource?

Eagerly waiting for your response..

Deepak PK

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