Announcing version 14.1 of slack-n-free Repo, kernel-libre 3.10.18 is available

Henry Jensen hjensen at
Sat Nov 9 22:17:43 UTC 2013

After the upstream distro 14.1 has been released two days ago I'm happy
to announce the availability of version 14.1 in the slack-n-free repo.

As in version 14.0 the builds are available for 32 bit (x86) and 64 bit
(x86_64)  and tracking the original nonfree builds, using the same
major version of the freed Linux libre kernel. However, for 32 bit 
non-SMP builds are not available since they require patching. 

Simultaneously I announce the availability of kernel-libre 3.10.18 in
the repo. With this we are even more up to date than upstream :)



You can find the repo at

The binary packages are signed with my GPG key. You can download the
public key at

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