JScreenRecorder v0.3 - a pure java screen recorder (100% free?)

Alexandre Oliva lxoliva at fsfla.org
Mon Nov 4 03:52:31 UTC 2013

Hello, Deepak,

On Oct 26, 2013, deepak pk <deepakpk009 at yahoo.in> wrote:

> i have developed a pure java based screen recorder named JScreenRecorder.
> you can download it from http://sourceforge.net/projects/jscreenrecorder/ 

That looks like userland code; this list is about GNU Linux-libre, one
of the kernels of the GNU system.  I believe you meant to write to the
gnu-linux-libre at nongnu.org list instead, which discusses issues having
to do with 100% Free GNU/Linux distros, so I'm copying that list,
including a complete (quoted) copy of your post.

> now the thing is that i had a message from sourceforge user G4JC that if i removed JMF
> from my project and replace it with FMJ my app will be 100% pure opensource; then it will
> be available/can be used  for GNU-Libre installations. i tried to use FMJ but it had dependency 
> on FFMPEG. so i went with jcodec (http://jcodec.org/). its FreeBSD licensed. and so i released 
> my apps version v0.3. 

> then i wanted to improve my apps performance and went to search for better ways to capture the 
> screen and found out a code by user Killer 99 (http://www.rune-server.org/programming/application-development/387765-directrobot-fast-java-robot-allows-screen-recording.html)
> he developed a class named DirectRobot which has lower memory requirement than Robot class, which 
> improves performance. this class however uses java.awt.peer.RobotPeer and
> sun.awt.ComponentFactory classes. will these classes be a problem? my IDE (netbeans 7.4) is showing warning that its "internal proprietary API and may be removed in a future release". will this be a problem for being 100% free and opensource?

I suggest checking whether these classes and all of their dependencies
are present in IcedTea, or in the source portion of OpenJDK.  If they
are, then the classes can be used under the Free Software license that
governs the Java code in these projects.  Otherwise, you'd be better off
refraining from using the Java class that relies on them, or using a
modified version that does not depend on the classes that may turn out
to be non-Free, and that might be removed from future releases of the
Java platform.

> Eagerly waiting for your response..

> Regards,
> Deepak PK

> ---------- Important Links -------------------

> SF Discussion:
> http://sourceforge.net/p/jscreenrecorder/discussion/general/thread/d14053b5/?limit=25#f26b/555a

> Project SF Page:
> http://sourceforge.net/projects/jscreenrecorder/

> DirectRobot code site link:
> http://www.rune-server.org/programming/application-development/387765-directrobot-fast-java-robot-allows-screen-recording.html

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