Broken kernel-libre-PAE package (Version is 3.8.4-202.fc18.gnu)

mejiko kame55-itasenpara123 at
Mon Mar 25 09:04:09 UTC 2013

Additional information:

1. I boot problematic kernel, error and drop dracut shell.

I type:

ls /dev/mapper/ (This is a directory)

Result is:

No "vg_freedom--libre-lv_root" device file, but i find "control" device

I type:

ls /dev/vg_freedom_libre/ ( This is a directory)

Result is:

"No such file or directory" error. this directory is not find.

I type:

ls /dev/

Result is:

Not find  "/dev/sda" (Hard disk) device file.

Conclusion is:

Problematic Kernel boot, Hard disk is not detected, but boot Previous
Kernel boot, Hard disk is detected and mounted. 

2. I try fsck (create /forcefsck and reboot), no problem (Success, fsck
is pass), and I try SMART test (used smartctl, Run "smartctl -t
short /dev/sda"), no problem.

3. first kernel update is success, not fail. I see "yum history". but
after reboot, Kernel Oops occur. (I set "kernel.panic=30" and
"kernel.panic_on_oops=1" from sysctl, kernel panic occur after
automatically reboot.)


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