Linux-libre Installation Problem Ubuntu 12.04

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Tue Dec 24 02:19:24 UTC 2013


Today I installed Linux-libre using the PPA according to this page.

I followed these instructions as provided at the above link. I have copied them below for your convenience.

	sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install linux-libre
sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
I continued working on my computer while it was installing linux-libre, with no problems.

My computer model is this model if it helps you.

Then, my computer froze (running Chrome and LibreOffice at the time) and I shut it down by holding down the power button.

So, I rebooted my machine, assuming Linux-libre would work properly, as 
it had not changed other settings or programs as far as I knew, just a 
kernel change..

Well, it loaded to the login screen (note my monitor said the signal was
 out of range before loading the login screen, -something it usually 
does even when working normally- after displaying the BIOS screen).

When it got to the login screen, my computer was as normal. However, 
there was no background image, and the screen was purple instead behind 
the login.

I began entering my password. After I had begun typing my password, the 
entire screen went purple (same color as the login screen), with a 
variety of horizontal dashes across the screen.

I figured this was an error, so I again manually powered off my computer and restarted it.

This time, after displaying the BIOS screen, it showed the Out of Range 
on the monitor and did not load any login screen. I powered it off (this
 time I did not have to hold down the power button as long as before) 
and left it, not wanting to cause more problems with it.

I did not take any pictures as I did not expect these errors (unfortunately).

I would like to be able to get it restored and not lose all my files if possible.

Thank you in advance. I really need your help.


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