Linux-image for YeeLoong without initrd support

Alexandre Oliva lxoliva at
Sun Sep 9 11:48:46 UTC 2012

On Aug 20, 2012, Stayvoid <stayvoid at> wrote:

> I've been told that "initrd support doesn't prevent booting the kernel
> without initrd."
> Is this correct?

Yes; IIRC the ext4 module is built into our yeeloong kernels, so you
shouldn't have trouble booting without initrd if your root filesystem is

> I've also heard that initrd slows the boot time.

It does, but by how much depends on how initrd is loaded from disk.

IIRC pmon loads the kernel much faster than it does initrd.  I don't
think it makes much of a difference if you use grub as the bootloader.

It's possible to shrink boot time by recompressing initrd.img with lzma
instead of gzip too, and configuring initramfs so as to avoid adding
unnecessary modules to initrd.

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