GNU Linux-libre 3.3-rc7-gnu pre-release

Alexandre Oliva lxoliva at
Sun Mar 11 23:38:49 UTC 2012


Been working on 3.3, at last!

The scripts updated for the 3.3 series are now in the SVN repository:

I rolled out a source tarball of a pre-release, too:

Testing is appreciated.

Linux-libre is now a GNU project.  I'll keep on maintaining it on behalf
of FSFLA, now for the GNU project rather than as a stand-alone project.

The only practical change is that I changed the version suffix from
-libre to -gnu, which should make for version numbers that don't look so
much like typos: instead of Linux-libre 3.3-libre, we'll have GNU
Linux-libre 3.3-gnu.  Gneat, eh? :-)

Watch out for the upcoming formal announcement after the final release
comes out.

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