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Alexandre Oliva lxoliva at
Sun Mar 4 04:50:02 UTC 2012

On Mar  1, 2012, "A. Mani" <a.mani.cms at> wrote:

> The latest x86-64 f15 kernel does not boot in K9AGM3 systems with
> radeon 3xxxx cards (system does not require any blobs).

Radeon cards usually require blobs.  I suggest trying to boot with
“nokms”, to disable kernel mode setting.  This should prevent dracut
from loading the radeon module early, and should get you far enough into
the boot to be able to tell what (if any) the problem is afterwards.

It's quite unfortunate if newer radeon cards, and the corresponding
drivers, are getting again into a state in which blobs are required even
for basic 2D operations :-(

This was the case a while ago (circa early 2.6.3x IIRC), due to bugs in
interrupt configuration, but those are long gone; I wonder what they
broke this time :-(

If nokms makes the system work at least to some extent, you might want
to blacklist radeon.ko.  X's radeon driver should still work afterwards,

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