New linux-libre mirror in Turkey

Gökdeniz Karadağ gokdeniz.karadag at
Sat Jun 11 10:34:47 UTC 2011


On 11-06-2011 07:00, Alexandre Oliva wrote:
> On Jun  6, 2011, Gökdeniz Karadağ<gokdeniz.karadag at>  wrote:
>> We have mirrored linux-libre on our mirror server in Turkey,
> Awesome, thank you very much!
>> We would be glad if you could list us in the mirrors section.
> Done!
> May I also list it as an alternative source of packages in the Freed-ora
> yum configurations?
> Thanks again,

Feel free to add us into yum configurations.

A problem with the mirroring; we are regularly getting the following 
error after our mirroring runs. Could you please fix the situation ?

rsync: opendir "/lemote/gnewsense/pool/.rsync-partial" (in linux-libre) 
failed: Permission denied (13)

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