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Fri Jun 3 04:36:49 UTC 2011

On Jun  1, 2011, Quiliro Ordóñez <quiliro at> wrote:

> El 01/06/11 10:32, Quiliro Ordóñez escribió:
>> El 31/05/11 10:36, Quiliro Ordóñez escribió:
>> I removed that module (drivers/staging/vt6656) and then made another
>> compilation where I had a problem with drivers/staging/wlags49_h2. I
>> removed that one and when compiling I had a problem with
>> drivers/staging/wlags49_h25/sta_h25. I removed it and I am now
>> compiling. After finishing will report.

> Those were the only problems with the kernel compilation configured
> with no changes except those above.

Thanks for the report.  I fixed these deblobbing problems some 24 hours
ago, but forgot to report back.

The error in vt6656 was new, as vt6656 switched from a built-in blob to
request_firmware in 2.6.39.  The two others were being deblobbed
incorrectly since 2.6.33, although they could only be actually enabled
since 2.6.35.

Since these are experimental drivers in staging and the problems have
been lingering for so long, I'm not rolling out a new set of releases
just to fix these issues.

Anyway, if these modules are important for you, the fixed deblobbing
scripts can be obtained in our SVN repository at

Thanks again,

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