[Gnewsense-dev] Linux-libre: why replace hdaX with sdaX?

Alexandre Oliva lxoliva at fsfla.org
Sun Jul 10 06:08:27 UTC 2011

On Jun 23, 2011, Christophe Jarry <christophe.jarry at ouvaton.org> wrote:

>> > I would like to know why linux-libre now uses sdaX to name partitions
>> > when it used to name it after hdaX?

I suppose you mean the mipsel builds of gNewSense for Fuloong/Yeeloong
machines, right?

>> That change was made in Linux a long time ago; were you using an old
>> kernel?

> I was using before and it used hdaX.

Newer builds of all Linux-libre minor releases since then expanded the
number of drivers enabled for broader plug-in hardware compatibility,
and one of the changes I made along with that was switching to libata.

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