PCMCIA .cis files

Richard Stallman rms at gnu.org
Wed Jan 5 23:38:05 UTC 2011

    there aren't any freedom problems with the binaries, the only issue now,
    if any, is GPL compliance: sh/could we ship only the binaries if we know
    they were built from textual sources that we don't ship?

We want to use these files under the GPL, not the other alternative,
so we need to comply with it.  If you'd be happy doing all future
editing of these files on the binaries then you can sincerely say
these binaries are the source code.  Otherwise, the text files are the
source code, so they should be included.

What is Torvalds doing?  How does he justify not including the textual
files in his Linux sources?  Does he say he is using them under the
other license?  Does he say he has an arrangement to refer to the
other site for the textual files?  Does he say that the binary files
are sources?

If he has not addressed the issue, maybe you can poke him so he has
to do so, and then whatever solution he uses might be good for us too.

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