RFTesters: freed-ora repo config packages

Alexandre Oliva lxoliva at fsfla.org
Mon Nov 29 20:37:40 UTC 2010

I've uploaded noarch RPM packages named freed-ora, freed-ora-freedom and
freed-ora-freedom-report to the F1[345]-testing repositories:


freed-ora carries the yum repository configurations, including signing
keys.  -testing and -detesting repos are disabled by default, as are all
debuginfo repositories.  IOW, only the repository containing released
builds is enabled by default, but you still have to install
e.g. kernel-libre by yourself.

freed-ora-freedom conflicts with all non-Free *-firmware packages in
Fedora and hopefully all other non-Free packages in there
(e.g. microcode_ctl), except fro kernel packages.  It ought to conflict
with the non-Free kernel packages as well, but since the kernel-libre
packages explicitly provide the resources (e.g. package name) of the
non-Free kernel, in order to satisfy other system-wide requirements, the
conflict markers would to conflict with the Free kernels as well.  So,
no conflicts with non-Free kernels from this package :-(

freed-ora-freedom-report tries to fill this gap, helping determine
whether you have any packages built out of the non-Free kernel sources
installed.  It's not meant to be really installed (install should fail,
except in e.g. a kernel-less chroot), but since it conflicts with all
kernel packages, this will let you know about any kernel packages you
have.  Sadly, you have to disregard the -libre ones in the error report.

Error reports about these packages, and suggestions e.g. on how to
improve this kernel-conflicts arrangement, are welcome.  Thanks in

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