2.6.33 deblob script causing kernel not to build...

wayne wayne at in-giro.org
Sun Jun 20 16:15:03 UTC 2010

ahoy all,

	just wanted to let the libre-kernel people know about a possible bug in
the deblob script for version 2.6.33.  in Gentoo, a "deblob" USE flag
allows any kernel available in portage or an overlay to be deblobbed and
installed.  unfortunately, the deblob script seems to leave in a few
symbols that are causing the regular gentoo kernel, as well as the
pro-audio real time kernels not to build.  there is a discussion and
solution over here:


in summary, the following changes had to be made to the .config to have
the kernel build:


i am no expert on the kernel or deblobbing, but it seems that these
non-free options are not being removed by the deblob script.

	thanks for the great work in making GNU+Linux FLOSS.

peace, w

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