Realtek 8169 PCI Gigabit Ethernet disappears in 2.6.33 deblob?

wayne wayne at
Sat Jun 19 19:35:20 UTC 2010

ahoy all,

	i have been using deblob'd kernels in Gentoo for a few versions now,
thanks so much for your work.

	upon deblobbing a pro-audio overlay (Gentoo) Linux Kernel
v2.6.33.5-rt23 (a real-time kernel) with the deblob-2.6.33 script, the
kernel works fine.  however, the Realtek 8169 PCI Gigabit Ethernet
symbol in .config (R8169) is removed by the deblob script.  the previous
deblob scripts i was using with previous kernels (i.e.
linux- left the symbol in.  also, the driver is used by
Trisquel as well, so i am assuming the driver is FLOSS. perhaps
something changed or the deblob script is mis-identifying it?

	note that i am now using the new Gentoo "deblob" USE flag for
deblobbing any kernel on the fly, but as far as i can tell that is not
causing the problem.

thanks again.


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