100% Free Software T-shirt design

Matias A. Fonzo selk at dragora.org
Tue Jun 8 18:58:24 UTC 2010

> Alexandre Oliva schreef:
>> On Jun  6, 2010, crap0101 <marco.chieppa-crap en poste.it> wrote:
>>> I'm thinking about the result of draw '100% libre' (or most of it) only
>>> using the distros' names and using an optional tin and discontinued
>>> outline when needed
>> That was actually the first thing we tried.  I can probably still find
>> the draft, the larger text looked a bit too cluttered and indistinct.
> "Cluttered" was the word I was looking for when I saw the design.
>> Matías Fonzo suggested the letters naming the distros should be even
>> more subtle in color, so that, from a distance, you'd pretty much only
>> see the main message, and get the details once you got closer.  I like
>> that.
> That would be better. Another idea would be to have the distro names on
> the back.
> I'm not convinced that putting the distro names on there is a good idea,
> though. When I buy a T-shirt I like it to last me a couple of years. I
> would feel a bit stupid walking around in a T-shirt listing distros that
> don't exist anymore or not naming distros that should be on there.

Then, with this criteria you can't buy a T-shirt of `Deep Purple', `Chuck
Berry', `Elvis Presley' or `Black Sabbath'. :-)

> Showing all the logos is prettier, but has the added disadvantage that
> distros might change their branding.

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