Breakage Caused By Deblob Script?

Alexandre Oliva lxoliva at
Thu Feb 25 17:15:59 UTC 2010

On Feb 25, 2010, Jason Self <jason.self at> wrote:

> Then I grab deblob-2.6.30 and deblob-check from
> although
> delob-2.6.30 dies, complaining that a number of different firmware
> pieces are missing.

This means the source tree you're starting from is sufficiently
different from's 2.6.30 that adjustments might be in order.

The “bpo”, that I take as backports, may indicate that, in addition to
some firmware files having already been removed by Debian, there may be
other changes brought in from newer kernel releases, which might require
porting corresponding fixes from newer deblob-<kver> scripts.

> I believe that this is one of the drivers that were deblobbed so I'm
> wondering if the deblob script is somehow introducing this breakage?

bnx2x is definitely deblobbed.  Perhaps you should look at the
differences in these drivers in your original source tree (before
deblobbing), compared with the original 2.6.30, and compare the
deblobbing of BNX2X between deblob-2.6.30 and newer deblob-2.6.3?, and
hope that a simple backport is enough.

Failing that, it might be that the backports actually made the sources
so different from old and new sources that you might have to
adjust the deblobbing scripts, or fix-up the sources afterwards,
whatever floats your boat ;-)

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