PCMCIA .cis files

Richard Stallman rms at gnu.org
Fri Dec 31 15:45:37 UTC 2010

    I'm not sure the .cis files are software.  They are binary descriptions
    of the card name, function, compatibility and hardware configuration.

I am not sure the question matters.  Does it?  The only significant difference
between the binary form and the textual form is the comment, but if that
comment is useful, then the textual form is better.

So if you want to add these files, where's the problem?  Add the source.

But the first question is, is there a reason to add them?
Why do you want to add them?

    Linux-libre has long removed all .cis files that are requested by the
    various PCMCIA drivers.

What do these files DO?  What job are they used for?

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