Alexandre Oliva lxoliva at fsfla.org
Sat Aug 14 06:27:31 UTC 2010

Now available from http://linux-libre.fsfla.org/

There are also binaries of earlier releases for gNewSense/mipsel (Lemote
Yeeloong), and builds for these are underway.  Sorry about the delay,
the build machine seems to be having random build errors; probably
hardware or kernel problem :-(

There are also Freed-ora binaries for f12 and f13 based on the earlier
releases, as per the announcement you just got.

It took me a while to figure out how to run builds out of the new git
repositories in Fedora, but I'm all set now.

The files needed for the build are now all checked in in the SVN
repository, except for the big tarballs and patch files that still live
in freed-ora/src.  The catch is that “fedpkg sources” won't download
them; for now, you'll have to download them from freed-ora/src yourself.
I'm yet to update the docs.

The build and tags directories in the SVN repository were renamed from
say F-13 to f13, to reflect the new arrangement.  I'm not entirely sure
I'll stick to it, but that's how it is for now.  As for the yum
repositories, they'll now be announced under these new names as well,
but they're still soft links to the old ones in the repository.  If I
don't change my mind, I'll probably reverse the links one of these days
(i.e., from x -> y/ to y -> x/), and after some time drop the old links.

As for f14 and master, I'm having trouble building them because the
build server gently offered by the FSF is stuck with an older kernel
than the glibc in these distros will run on.  I'm in contact with the
FSF sysadmins to sort this out (changing the kernel of a virtual machine
isn't as simple as update and reboot), but there's no time frame for the
fix yet.  Thanks for your patience.

Last but not least, if some -libre release takes longer than usual next
week, that's because I'm going to be away Tue-Sat, at CONSEGI.


Don't panic   -- Douglas Adams

I'll be back  -- Arnold Schwartznegger


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