hooray for freedo

Rubén Rodríguez Pérez ruben at gnu.org
Tue Apr 13 16:31:32 UTC 2010

> Anyhow...  If you, Rubén, say you license Freedo 0.9 ;-) under
> GFDL1.1+|GPLv3+, I'd have to follow suit in the final Freedo, the
> derived version Islene and I made, and existing T-shirts, buttons and
> stickers, as well as Freed-ora and gNewSense/Lemote binary builds,
> would amount to infringing uses.  I wish this wasn't so.  I had
> (naively, perhaps) assumed more permissive terms for your
> contribution, very much along the lines of Burnaron's original design.

Both Burnaron's draft and my drawning included no license terms, so I
gave my image to the wikipedia uploader under the GNU FDL just because
it was appropriate for that place. It is also under CC-by-sa 3.0.

Since as you say a more permissive license is better for a logo, I'm ok
in changing that. The terms you propose are ok except the "additional
permission" paragraph, which just puzzles me.

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