[patch] Enhancements for deblob-2.6.30

Rubén Rodríguez Pérez ruben at gnu.org
Tue Sep 1 09:16:49 UTC 2009

Attached is a patch to the latest ( deblob script, it enhances
the error handling mechanisms, adding some double checks that allow you
to run it over a non-matching kernel version. It gives some extra info:

- If a file is not found, it will search for it and warn you.
- If a variable isn't found in a Makefile, it will search in the others.
- Several changes were made to avoid change attempts against missing
files. No empty files (or .deblob empty copies) are created now.
- The deblob script should be runnable multiple times without harm.
- die(), fatal() and --force handling rewritten, die calls changed.
- It will only print "removed blobs" and other messages when they are
actually done, instead of showing both success and failure messages.
- A simple dev_name macro was added, for compatibility with kernels
prior to 2.6.25. This needs to be tested, it might need a conditional.
- The script will run with no changes if you use the matching kernel.

Hopefully, the script can now be applied to older kernels, combined with
the old deblob script, to add the latest linux-libre features to it.
To do so, you have to run the original deblober -you should get no
errors-, and then this one, ignoring all errors. Then take a look on the
alternative path warnings -if any-, and modify the script accordingly.
If a double-cleaned driver fail to compile, avoid the second pass for
that one. For a piece of mind, run the checker script before publishing.

I'll try to add an optional driver removal mechanism to it anytime soon.
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