New linux-libre gentoo ebuild

Nick linux-libre-list at
Thu May 21 12:02:35 UTC 2009

Hi guys,

Just to let you know, there's now an ebuild for linux-libre in 
gentoo's bugzilla;

We don't need hosting or anything from you guys, as the ebuild just 
grabs your releases and makes use of them itself.

I did create a version of the build which got the latest vanilla 
kernel, added patches, and ran your deblob script, but the script 
took a very long time (I gave up after 2 hours), and around 1-1.5G 
RAM to run. Even for the "I'd rather be compiling" Gentoo folks, 
this makes it a really really long install, so I decided to stick to 
just unpacking your pre-prepared tarballs instead (I posted the 
deblob version in the ticket too, in case anyone can make use of 

Is my experience of the deblob script being very slow and heavy 
common?  Is there much we could do about it? Not to worry if not, 
but the advantage from here is that it would then be very easy for 
people to deblob to any version of the kernel (gentoo provides 
several, e.g.  with tuxonice patches). The alternative would be to 
use your xdelta to patch the vanilla kernel, then apply the extra 
patches, but this can get a little messy, may prevent the patches 
from cleanly applying, and of course wouldn't catch any blobs 
included in later patches.

As to when/whether it gets into the main Gentoo portage tree, I 
don't know, that'll depend on whether one of the gentoo kernel guys 
wants to adopt it. Still, I know at least a couple of people are 
using it already, and the bug tracker is a good place for it to rest 
for now. I'll keep the ticket up to date with your releases (which 
literally involves no more than renaming the ebuild, so long as you 
guys don't change your package layout [Gentoo's ace]).

Keep up the excellent work,

Nick White

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