artwork suggestion

Tomek Chrzczonowicz chrzczonowicz at
Wed May 13 14:42:48 UTC 2009

How about this levitating GNU in a yellow robe at, modified - that the GNU has
the Freetz penguin siting on his knee/lap with one  "hand" around him
and with a wash-cloth in his (GNU) other hand?

The penguin would have this sort of cartoonish sparkle on his head that
would indicate that he's clean.

Also, there could be some black pitch/tar/slime/goo smears/pools (maybe
with frightened/angry faces) on the floor that would represent blobs,
like in this OpenBSD Song at

Or maybe a dynamic scene where the GNU could hold a vacuum cleaner that
would suck the black blob from the penguin and the blob would hold
desperately to the penguin with one or two of his "tentacles" and have a
expression of terror on its face, something like a Symbiote from
Spider-man when separated from its host.

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