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Luis A. Guzman Garcia l.guzman.g at
Wed May 6 08:16:55 UTC 2009

As the free software activism goes on, i would like to suggest some
ideas to the Linux-libre project in order to help it move towards
Author's background: Non-programing skills, gNS user & contributor, KFV
at gNS, basic SysAdmin skills, free software advocate.

Having a free kernel in the free software movement is important for
several reasons.
The one i've been thinking lately is the explicit relation that it
creates on the real world. Free Software is in cyberspace, we have
plenty of Free Software and more is being developed giving room for
society to function on a social solidarity

A true free kernel is the expression of the impact that Free Software
and Free Software Activism has achieved. The kernel links the real world
with the digital one, our free cyberspace where we find no material
restrictions is based on hardware that allows it's creation, the
development of new pieces of hardware on the XXI century is remarkable,
and their implementation is mainly developed by the Linux (kernel)
team/community, the result of their decisions is compromising the users
freedom on the entire free software community twisting one important
piece of free software and 3 to 4 essential freedoms.

The Linux-libre project is twisting back and removing all the non-free
software added from the main project. The KFV team at gNS (if it still
is active) worked on this same process doing it by personal inspection
of the source code at the non-free Linux kernel, and even we didn't have
the best tools to make it, it has a good principle.

The community showed the commitment with freedom, even some development
towards its implementation,

There fore i make some proposals to the Linux-libre project in order to
keep the development going:

1. Set up the a extended Linux-libre version available for verification
Allowing the community the verification of the source code can motivate
its participation on promoting/verifying Linux-libre freedom. Like [1]
This action implies:
* Web hosting, around  ~300 Mb of space (on source code separated files)
* Software, i dare recommend GIT, it was developed to manage the Linux
project, have many technical advantages, any free software activist at
the Linux project can easily get involved with the Linux-libre project.
Besides we'll be returning the favor to Mr. Torvalds turning his
software free again and finally we can hope Git won't turn evil.
* Bandwidth, let's assume that the community around the project check
the entire source code (~26592 files) in one day, that would be <300 MB
a day (6 complete tarballs download of Linux-libre)
*  Users work flow, set up users work flow for verification, take
advantage of Git feature's to feed the deblob scripts.

2. Promote and invite community around
Promoting the project to the worldwide community should arise the issue
of freeing the Linux kernel seriously (besides letting now that is not
free anymore as it is distributed).
Inviting other projects community to participate, such as Debian-kernel,
gNS KFV, Fedora-kernel, and any other interested groups/teams.

Finally on a (hopefully not too) long-term goal

3.  Integrate the work upstream
No comments on this.

The Linux-libre project can reach the necessary audience to get
developed, maintained and spread worldwide allowing free software
supporters to build up on a freedom respecting base.

Documenting files:


Hope the Linux-libre community finds interesting the ideas.
Luis A. Guzman Garcia <l.guzman.g at>

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