Reverse engineering binary firmware

Richard M Stallman rms at
Wed Mar 4 22:01:46 UTC 2009

    e100 might be a simpler task, and nearly as useful: there's some
    indication in the driver that the processor that runs the microcode is
    8086, the microcode snippets are small (limited to 134 32-bit words),
    and a very large number of Intel chipsets are bundled with network
    interfaces that require this microcode.

What license is this released under?

    Another more challenging piece of firwmare is that for Broadcom Everest
    network cards, bnx2x driver.  It's a pretty large, often-changing chunk
    of (IIRC MIPS-targeted) management firmware.  I have no idea of how
    widely deployed it is.

What license is this released under?

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