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Mon Jun 22 10:09:53 UTC 2009

Quoth Alexandre Oliva:
> Taking Free sources and applying patches is a better way to go anyway,
> why would you want to steer people towards the non-Free Software in
> upstream just to (hopefully) throw it all away afterwards? :-)
> Most of the time, patches should apply just fine on top of Linux-libre,
> but it would be nice to check that they don't add back non-Free stuff,
> running deblob-check on them, like we do on Freed-ora.  These runs of
> deblob-check are far less demanding of resources, for they're only
> heuristic, without bringing in all the knowledge (and regexps) about the
> false positives and known blobs in Linux.

OK, I've updated the gentoo ebuilds so that it's now trivial to add 
any patchsets we want. So there's now a linux-libre version of the 
vanilla, default gentoo patchset, and hardened gentoo patchset 
kernels available (all attached to the aforementioned bug).
> > Is my experience of the deblob script being very slow and heavy 
> > common?  Is there much we could do about it?
> Unfortunately, it is normal.  There's a long post of mine from a few
> days ago in which I delve into some experiments I've been doing to try
> to address this very problem.  Look for “flex” and “perl” in

That looks like great work. I look forward to seeing it progress.

Take care,

Nick White

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