Tomek Chrzczonowicz chrzczonowicz at gmail.com
Wed Jun 17 03:59:07 UTC 2009

> The one exception is the Broadcom b43 WiFi driver, that now supports
> Free firmware developed through reverse engineering.  The firmware is
> requested as "b43-open/<name> , like upstream, and it's somewhat
> cheat-proof: it is supposed to recognize and accept only the Free
> firmware, regardless of name.  I'd appreciate confirmation that I got
> right, for I don't have any hardware handy that requires this driver.

>I have just built and released freedom shoppe builds for 2.6.30 at
>http://freedomshoppe.org. I haven't heard of a Broadcom WiFi user yet,
>so please let me/us know if it works with your adapter.

I should get my laptop with Broadcom WiFi back from repairs within few
days and then I can test it.

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