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2009/6/16 Ali Gunduz <gndz.ali en gmail.com>

> > Thank you very much Ali. ItÅ› a great contribution. The only problem for
> me
> > is that after finishing the download I get "Error: Wrong architecture
> > 'i386'". I have an AMD64. What should I do in this case?
> Yes, those packages are built for x86. If you are running a 64bit
> system, configure the kernel according to that before compiling (in
> menuconfig or xconfig). I don't remember the exact config variable
> name but it should be listed under the processors category.
> Ali

If I didn't change anything, does that mean I am compiling for nothing? Do I
have to start again?

After finishing compilation, What do I have to do to make it bootable?

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