2.6.29-libre1, 2.6.28-libre3, 2.6.27-libre2

Alexandre Oliva lxoliva at fsfla.org
Tue Jun 9 20:45:19 UTC 2009

There are new releases marking the beginning of Linux-libre gen3 that
should soon land in the repositories.

What changed:

- deblob-main now creates lzip's .lz tarballs in addition to bzip2's

- fix e100 driver so that it works again with cards that could use but
that don't require non-Free firmware

- disable Radeon, R128 and MGA gpu drivers again, as in gen1.
Linux-libre radeon driver just doesn't work without firmware, breaking
the Xorg radeon driver.  Not having the kernel driver actually enables
the X driver to work, at least to some extent.

- fix assorted deblobbing errors that prevented builds on some specific
configurations, and that let through a few non-Free firmware names in
code and documentation, particularly WIMAX i2400m.

There are other changes to deblob-check in preparation for 2.6.30, for
the 2.6.26- backports, and in preparation for a switch to another
scripting machinery, in pursuit of faster deblobbing.  Nothing
functional yet, but significant changes to the regexps were made to ease
the mechanical conversion between different regexp syntaxes.

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