OpenFWWF for Broadcom wireless cards and Linux-libre

Tomek Chrzczonowicz chrzczonowicz at
Tue Jun 9 12:28:54 UTC 2009

Dnia 2009-06-08, pon o godzinie 04:25 -0300, Alexandre Oliva pisze:
> On Apr 17, 2009, Tomek Chrzczonowicz <chrzczonowicz at> wrote:
> > Dnia 2009-04-16, czw o godzinie 20:19 -0300, Alexandre Oliva pisze:
> >> Support for these firmwares is present in 2.6.30 pre-releases upstream.
> >> I'm yet to clean up the patches, though.
> > Alright, guess I'll have to wait then. 
> I'm told these pieces of Free firwmare still require other pieces of
> non-Free firmware to work.  Can anyone please confirm that?

That's what they say on their website. However, when one downloads the
source from the OpenFWWF website and compiles it, those two files that
are supposed to be extracted from the non-free driver are created,
although I am not sure if they work or are just placeholders.

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