hooray for freedo

Rubén Rodríguez Pérez ruben at gnu.org
Tue Dec 22 16:35:48 UTC 2009

I'm glad you liked it. You can find the image in wikipedia under the
GNU FDL, as I granted when the uploader asked me. I think it should be
also stated in the fsfla page if it is not already, so I'm sending it to
the linux-libre list.

Alexandre, can you change the text so it says the license is the same as
per your image of the gnu+lux? Thanks.

On Tue, 22 Dec 2009 10:35:21 -0500
"openuniverse" <openuniverse at hushmail.com> wrote:

> best penguin logo since larry ewing's, i mean it. reminds me a little
> of sanrio.
> you should be very proud of this, however i looked at the source code
> and documentation online and couldn't find any license information. 
> in most countries, with no license information people don't know how
> free it is. you may want people to "use it freely" but they need or
> want permission- that's what a license is for.
> also in some countries (including finland) they cannot simply use
> things that are "public domain" without a license. this is terrible
> but true.
> the creative commons attribution ("cc by") license did not exist yet
> when larry ewing created "tux." so he just said that people could use
> it for anything as long as they gave him credit. may i recommend you
> release freedo online with similar permission, or with a cc by 3.0
> license? thanks- openuniverse

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