gpg key rpm import

Morgan Read mstuff at
Fri Sep 26 10:28:40 UTC 2008

Yup, that's good

[root at morgansmachine ~]# rpm --import
[root at morgansmachine ~]#


On 26/09/08 06:43, jeff wrote:
> Morgan Read wrote:
>> Hello
>> I tried to import the signing key:
>> But, all I get is:
>> [root at morgansmachine ~]# rpm --import
>> error:
>> import read failed(-1).
>> warning: u 0x8b1b918 ctrl 0x8b1c760 nrefs != 0 ( http)
>> Any ideas where I'm going wrong?
> Try this URL:
> It's getting redirected from the above URL, and apparently `rpm` doesn't
> handle redirects. You could wget the file then --import it from the
> downloaded file.
> Have fun,
> -Jeff

Getting errors: "There are problems with the signature" (or similar)?
Update your system by installing certificates from CAcert Inc, see here:
Or, if Internet Explorer is your default browser, simply click this link:

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