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Fri Oct 10 02:38:18 UTC 2008

Sorry that it took so long.  More than two hours after the upstream
release, this time, more than one hour after I learned about the
release...  I'm getting slow :-)

I hadn't tested the deblob-2.6.27 script at all, and didn't keep it up
to date during some changes to the -rc scripts, so it took some
tweaking, and I was extra careful in checking the changes it made,
because of all the firmware moving about for no good reason.  Doh!

As usual, I had to merge the 2.6.27-rc deblob-check false-positive
matches to apply to linux tarballs too...  And then, I was
particularly puzzled for having to add yet another time some
false-positive matches for one file that is deblobbed, but that also
contains false positives.  Yuck.

Turns out the way we match the false-positive set based on pathname
passed in the command line, and the fact that deblob-2.6.* doesn't
pass in pathnames containing say linux-2.6.2*/ means these patterns
have to be duplicated for the time being.  *shrug*

Anyhow...  2.6.27-libre is being uploaded to the mirrors right now,
and a build for Freed-ora rawhide is underway.  A happy ending (I
hope!) for the electronic plague that hit me, starting about one month
ago, with a digital camera crashing on the floor and losing the
ability to display pictures on its still-backlighted LCD panel, and
that last week "spread" to one notebook (video card), one server
(refused to boot up claiming there was some USB gadget drawing too
much power, without anything connected to it), one LCD TV set
(actually, the stereo in charge of its audio, but it seemed to be the
TV at first), and the realization that none of my UPSes had any juice
left to keep machines running for more than a few milliseconds.  Ugh!

Anyhow...  2.6.27-libre is out.  Enjoy!  Yay!

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