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Alexandre Oliva lxoliva at
Sat Jun 14 21:11:53 UTC 2008

I'm going to be away for most of next week, attending the GCC Summit.
This means I'm probably not going to run builds for freed-ora during
that time.

Jeff suggested the other day that it would be nice if I announced new
builds here.  I thought that would be too much noise, since there are
pretty much daily rawhide builds, and several kernels that go into
-detesting repositories, etc.  So I was leaning against that.

However, it would be less noisy and more useful if I were to announce
new updates of -rc patches or minor releases or so.  E.g., I've just
uploaded patch-libre-2.6.26-rc6 to the repositories, and I'm running a
Freed-ora build for devel based on it as I write this.

A few days ago, I verified that patch-, as provided by, doesn't contain non-Free Software, so I've rolled out
builds for F-8 and F-9 out of it.  I thought this might be useful to
announce, especially because I haven't added patch files that don't
require deblobbing to our download area.

BTW, would it be useful to create deblobbed tarballs out of these,
every time some minor kernel release goes out and I deblob it or
verify that it doesn't need deblobbing?

I haven't done that, just because the Freed-ora build system applies
patches on its own, but if it would be useful for other volunteers to
roll out builds for other Free or Freed distros, I'd be happy to do

Feedback would be appreciated.  Thanks in advance,

Oh, I should also mention that the linux-libre tree is now available
over rsync straight from rsync:// will
get you everything.  Just in case you were mirrorring it over http or


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