kernel-libre-2.6.27-0.159.rc0.git6.fc10.1 for freed-ora/devel

Alexandre Oliva lxoliva at
Sat Jul 19 22:11:02 UTC 2008

On Jul 19, 2008, Alexandre Oliva <lxoliva at> wrote:

> i386/kernel-libre-headers-2.6.27-0.159.rc0.git6.fc10.1.i386.rpm
> x86_64/kernel-libre-headers-2.6.27-0.159.rc0.git6.fc10.1.x86_64.rpm

I found these had a broken Provides: for kernel-headers, so there's a
risk that this could cause an update of Fedora rawhide to bring in the
non-Free kernel-headers, because libdrm-devel requires a version of
kernel-headers that the mistaken Provides didn't match.

This is fixed in the just-released .2.

A similar situation affects earlier F-[789] builds, but since there
isn't any package AFAIK that requires an unmatched version of
kernel-headers, I don't plan on rebuilding packages just to fix this

If you know of any packages that would bring in kernel-headers rather
than kernel-libre-headers, or kernel-doc rather than kernel-libre-doc,
because of the errors in Provides, I'll proceed to an immediate
build.  Otherwise, I'll include them only in future builds.

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