2.6.26-libre and 2.6.2[543]-libre2

Alexandre Oliva lxoliva at fsfla.org
Mon Jul 14 07:25:15 UTC 2008


I've just finished preparing a libre tarball for 2.6.26.

While at that, I figured I'd backport some of the deblob-<version> and
deblob-check fixes to earlier kernel tarballs.  Changes between libre1
and libre2, for 2.6.2[345], are supposed to be mostly cosmetic:

- one indentation fix in drivers/media/video/cpia2/cpia2patch.h: its
copyright notice was being unindented by one, because the filename
matched *patch*, so it was being handled like a patch.  Oops.

- two deblobbing fixes for drivers/net/tg3.c: there was a bug in
deblob-check pattern-matching for false positives that caused
variables test_pat and mem_tbl_5* to be deblobbed, even though they
shouldn't have been.  From reports Jeff relayed to me, this didn't
break anything, and I noticed it by chance today, while examining the
deblobbed 2.6.26.

- a few DVB-related config options that were marked as NONFREE because
some earlier deblobbing script broke them, but that now build and work
just fine, are no longer marked as dependent on NONFREE.

The deblob scripts and the kernel tarballs are being uploaded to the
usual places right now.  Binaries for freed-ora (2.6.26 and
2.6.25-libre2 with patch- are being built right now, but I'm
going to crash in bed long before they're done.

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