[blag-devel] [blag-noise] kernel-libre- for freed-ora/F-9-detesting

Alexandre Oliva lxoliva at fsfla.org
Wed Aug 6 03:29:34 UTC 2008

On Aug  5, 2008, jeff <moe at blagblagblag.org> wrote:

> "detesting" (i think it's a play on "of testing" in
> spanish/portuguese),

Heh.  I hadn't thought of that, actually.  It was more of a play with
'if you try this, but you may *really* dislike it' :-)

All of the builds are freed versions of the corresponding tags in the
Fedora CVS repository.  I build them as soon as I find the tags, so
that they're more likely to be built with the very same toolchain as
Fedora's corresponding kernels, and so that I can release it as soon
as I found out it's released for testing, or even as a stable update,
without having to wait for the build.

Builds don't take long these days (thanks for the blazing fast build
box, Jeff!), but at times cleaning things up takes some 10-15 minutes,
and if it's on a day when I'm pressed for time on something else, the
linux-libre release would be pointlessly delayed.  Building early is
easier, and it makes the Free builds available in the same way that
the non-Free Fedora builds can be obtained from Koji, its build

Hope this helps,

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