[FSFLA] postulaciones para hablar en LibrePlanet 2019

Quiliro Ordonez quiliro en riseup.net
Vie Oct 19 14:17:22 UTC 2018

LibrePlanet 2019 recibe postulaciones para conferencistas hasta el 26 de
este mes. Una parte del documento completo
en la que convoca a postular la he citado abajo:

LibrePlanet is an annual event jam-packed with interesting talks and
hands-on workshops -- and we know you have a lot to say! Have an idea
for your own free software-related talk or workshop? Submit it for
consideration by October 26, 2018 at 10:00 EDT (14:00 UTC).

Your talk can be aimed at an audience of experienced developers, young
people, newcomers to free software, activists looking for technology
that aligns with their ideals, policymakers, hackers, artists, or
tinkerers. Talks and workshops should examine or utilize free software,
copyleft, and related issues, but beyond that, we welcome any topics
that may educate, entertain, or encourage action.

Some possibilities include updates on free software projects, especially
if they fulfill a High Priority free software need; the intersection of
free software and other social issues or movements; how to resist the
harmful effects of proprietary software by using free software;
introductions to aspects of free software for newcomers generally or
children specifically; hands-on workshops using free software for
particular applications; copyleft and other free software legal issues;
free software's intersections with government; and how to use free
software in artmaking. Find more inspiration in videos of LibrePlanet
2018 talks, as well as the full program listing.

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