Momentum building around first Central American Free Software Gathering

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Mar Mayo 12 16:54:46 UTC 2009

Momentum building around first Central American Free Software Gathering

The first steps are being taken in Central America to network free
software groups in the region and develop collaborative relationships
with each other. The first Central America Free Software Gathering
(ECSL) <> is being organized
for sometime in June in Nicaragua. The goal of the event is to:

    * Share organizational experience from user groups of different
    * Exchange technical knowledge based on each group’s skill-set
    * Create social ties and cohesion of ideas between regional communities,
    * Set goals for the advancement of Free Software in Central America

The event’s blog <> has posts
announcing public IRC meetings, updates and reports as well as
announcements of free software community events around the region.
Examples include the pizza-bash meetings in Nicaragua or the ‘Sabados de
Software Libre’
(Free Software Saturdays) as well as pre-FLISOL
events in Guatemala.

The event stands out because of the low cost to participate. The
registration package includes: *-* round-trip costs from
airport/bus-station to the event place; *-* hosting place during the
event; *-* food; *-* a welcome kit when you arrive at the event. All of
his is offered for USD $120
according to the estimates from the organization team.

The event website also includes a comprehensive directory of Central
American free software groups: Belize
<>, Costa Rica
<>, Guatemala
<>, Honduras
<>, Nicaragua
<>, Panamá
<> and El
Salvador <>.

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