Microsoft Makes Second GPLv2 Release (in two days)

Felipe Sanches felipe.sanches en
Mie Jul 22 16:45:48 UTC 2009

News: <> Microsoft Makes Second GPLv2
Wednesday July 22, @10:10AM
 * Posted by Soulskill on Wednesday July 22, @10:10AM*
*from the baby-steps dept.*
  microsoft <>
 angry tapir <> writes *"Microsoft has made
its second release under the General Public License in two
software for
Moodle <>, an
'open-source course
management system<>that
teachers use to create online learning Web sites for their classes,
it has about 30 million users in 207 countries.' It comes on the heels of
Redmond contributing drivers to the Linux
No reports as yet on dropping temperatures in hell."*
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