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Novedades del proceso de GPLv3 , para quienes no estén en las listas de


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As you could probably guess from the continuing press coverage of the
process, it's been another busy period of work on the GPLv3 at the

* gplv3.fsf.org/wiki

If you haven't yet made your mark on the GPLv3 Wiki, there are some
developing areas that you should check out. The GPL Frequently Asked
Questions list (FAQ) at gnu.org has for many years been an important
resource for newcomers to the GPL. Much of this information will have
to be updated to make sense with the new version of the license. 

We want to have the new FAQ ready to go simultaneous with the official
release of the GPLv3, to assist people who may not have been around to
learn all of the ins and outs of the license during the drafting
process but want to adopt it. Since the FAQ is intended to answer
questions from the community, it's a great opportunity to use wiki
magic. This revisioning of the FAQ is taking place on the Wiki at
<http://gplv3.fsf.org/wiki/index.php/FAQ_Update>. Please stop by and
see that any questions you think are common and pertinent are
answered. With your help, we will continue to update the questions and
answers as the new license discussion drafts are released.

* New events

Richard Stallman and Eben Moglen have scheduled keynote speeches on
Saturday, April 1, 2006 at the annual FSF Associate Member Meeting in
Cambridge, MA, USA. They will cover GPLv3, DRM, and the future of the
free software movement.

It's always a fun event, with lively conversation between the FSF
members, staff, and board of directors. We hope to see even more of
you than usual given the particular importance of community feedback
and participation this year.  For the first time, we will also be
organizing a members forum during the day with board member Henri
Poole in order to establish some concrete plans for how people can
contribute effectively in the coming year.

FSF members should please RSVP by March 16th. For those who are not
yet members, please see <http://member.fsf.org> for information on how
to join and attend the event.

* Commenting system improvements

While the Wiki is a place to build up informational materials
surrounding the license, the commenting system at
<http://gplv3.fsf.org/comments/> is a place to express your opinions
about the license.

Last time we announced the addition of the "agree" feature, so that
you can express your agreement with comments that have been posted by

Since then, we have made significant improvements in compatibility
between the system and multiple browsers. Konqueror support, for
example, is now fully functional.

If you encountered any technical weirdness when trying to leave a
comment previously, please visit again and give it another try. Any
further weirdness should be reported to <tech at gplv3.fsf.org>.

* Audio, Video and Text

To complement the video from the morning of the GPLv3 launch
conference that we announced in our last update, we have also started
adding other interesting audio and visual material, including the
slides used by Eben Moglen during his presentation and links to the
transcripts compiled by Ciaran O'Riordan. We will be steadily adding
photos from the events as well. You can find all of this in our
"Audio, Video and Text" section at <http://gplv3.fsf.org/av>.

If anybody who attended the Cambridge event, or any other events
related to GPLv3, would like to send us photos, please do. You can
send them to <webmaster at gplv3.fsf.org>.

* Calendar reminders

 - 2006 March 16: FOSS Means Business. Belfast, Northern
   Ireland. Richard Stallman will be speaking on GPLv3 as part of the
   event. See <http://foss-means-business.org>.
 - 2006 March 18: Torino, Italy. Richard Stallman will be speaking about GPLv3
   at a conference organized by FSF Europe. See

 - 2006 April 1: Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. Richard Stallman, Eben
   Moglen and the FSF staff and board members will be speaking at the
   FSF Associate Member Meeting on GPLv3. See

 - 2006 April 21 & 22: Porto Alegre, Brazil. The second international
   GPLv3 conference, during the 7th International Free Software Forum
   (which goes April 19th to 22nd). See

* Support

Please support the continuation of this process by making a donation
at <https://www.fsf.org/donate>, or by becoming an FSF associate
member at <http://member.fsf.org>. There are also still t-shirts and
hoodies with the GPLv3 logo available at
<http://www.gnu.org/gear/gplv3-tshirt.html>. Thanks!

John Sullivan, FSF
Program Administrator
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