Richard Stallman in Brazil (update)

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Mar Dic 11 09:41:04 UTC 2012

> Brazil, November, 2012---Richard Stallman, founder of the Free
> Software social and political movement, again honors us with his
> presence in Latin America, this time in Brazil.  The event that brings
> him to the region is CONSEGI, the Free Software and Electronic
> Government International Congress, that this year will take place in
> Belém, Pará, from December 3 to 7.  Thanks to support by CONSEGI
> organizers and sponsors, we could schedule, in Goiás, in the Federal
> District, and in São Paulo, other speeches by the president of our
> sister organization, the original Free Software Foundation (FSF).  The
> speeches are all non-technical and open to the general public; for
> some, prior registration is required.

== Update 2012-12-11

Adding to Richard Stallman's public appointments this week, after the
previously announced speeches in São Carlos and Sorocaba, Solidarius
International takes him to Curitiba, Paraná, to speak about the Free
Software Movement, on December 13, at the Federal University of Paraná.


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