Delate Receita Federal to the Brazilian Ministério da Fazenda!

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Lun Feb 26 23:58:11 UTC 2007

Have you already written your letter to Receita Federal?  Explained
why its decision to require of you the use of non-Free Software
***disrespects*** your ***fundamental constitutional citizen's
rights***?  Why this induces, when it doesn't demand, you to
***infringe on copyright***, in addition to bringing you several
***other legal risks***?  That this amounts to ***inconstitutional
discrimination*** for your political and philosophical beliefs?  That
this attitude ***disrespects constitutional principles*** for the
public administration and the economic order?

If you're a Brazilian citizen, or you pay taxes in Brazil, and still
haven't sent your letter, read the sample letters, that summarize the
main arguments, at; read the
article (in Portuguese) that details the arguments at; write your own letter with the
points you feel aligned with and sent it:

If you've already sent it, maybe you've also received a semi-automated
impersonal response, giving the impression that they can't or won't do
anything.  If this happened to you as well, you can and should ***do
the following immediately***:

1. Locate the representative of the nearest Taxpayer Attention Center
and get in touch immediately, explaining the situation. (in Portuguese)

2. Send your ***delation*** to the Ombudsman at Ministério da Fazenda.
You can call 0800 702-1111 (from Brazil), use the web form at: (in Portuguese)
or send e-mail to ouvidormf at  If you live in Brasília,
call the number above and schedule a meeting with the Ombudsman to
discuss this matter.  For other ways of getting in touch, visit: (in Portuguese)

3. File an ***administrative proceeding*** with Receita Federal.
Address it to the Secretary of Receita Federal, Mr. Jorge Antonio
Deher Rachid, and to the Manager of Information Technology and
Security at Receita Federal, Sr. Vítor Marcos Almeida Machado, in
Brasília.  It suffices to take a petition and copies of your documents
to the nearest Receita Federal's office.

4. Open a ***consultation proceeding*** with Receita Federal's
Regional Superintendence, according to guidance on the web page:

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== About FSFLA's Campaign against Softwares Impostos

We understand the Brazilian Federal Constitution grants preference to
Free Software in the public administration, both internally, for
compliance with constitutional principles, and in interactions with
citizens, for respect for their fundamental constitutional rights and
for compliance with the same and other constitutional principles.
This campaign, started in October, 2006, seeks compliance with the
Federal Constitution in this regard. (editorial) (section 3.)

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